What’s your superpower? Find out and help reach your goals.

What’s your superpower? We all have one: in fact, you probably have more than one. Today you’ll learn how to find and use your superpowers to help you on the journey of a good life.

But before you say “I don’t have one or “comic book heroes: whaaaaat?” take a moment and think about two basic ideas that add up to a pretty big deal if you want to improve the quality of your life.

Find your meaning. Find your purpose. Find your good life.

We recently shared a post on Instagram about how finding your purpose and meaning is a big deal when you’re pursuing a good life. In fact, a 27 year study confirmed this and even showed that finding these things not only brings happiness and fulfillment in life and work: finding our life’s meaning or purpose also helps us live longer.

As therapists, we partner with our clients to help them discover their own path to a good life. Today, we’re sharing one way you can integrate who you are with what you do to put you on the path to living your own good life. And that leads us to that superpower question again.

What are your strengths?

We humans love to set goals. But how often are those goals grounded in what we actually care about or what meshes well with our natural abilities?

A meaningful goal aligns with our purpose. Setting and working toward that goal puts us on the path to the good life. And our strengths are the tools that we use to help meet those goals.

First, identify your strengths. We use this free quiz from the VIA Institute on Character (this isn’t sponsored, we just think it’s nifty). When you know what those are, you can tap into how you might meet your goals in a way that better serves and suits you.

Now: start thinking about what really matters to you. Because when you align your key strengths with your deepest values, those strengths level up: they become superpowers. Those superpowers will help you create and achieve meaningful goals. They’ll let you shine – no cape needed.